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Coffee and Donuts

About Us

Looking to take your daily routine to the next level? PureShrooms has got you covered! We're here to shake up your coffee, tea, creamers, and lattes with the power of functional mushroom nutrition. Our thoughtfully sourced ingredients are the key to unlocking your full potential and feeling your absolute best.

Say goodbye to the jitters and hello to a new kind of wellness routine that really works. Whether you're trying to kick caffeine to the curb or just want to feel more energized and focused throughout the day, PureShrooms has the perfect products for you.

So why settle for boring old coffee when you can have a delicious and nutritious pick-me-up that really delivers? Join the PureShrooms movement and experience the benefits of functional mushroom nutrition for yourself!

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We provide clean coffees, Creamers, Lattes, and supplements with science-backed Adaptogenic ingredients. OUR products are deliciously crafted to fuel your mind and body.

Metal Coffee Mugs

Deliciously Crafted

Uncompromising quality is at the heart of everything we do. The secret to our products is our micro grind technology with our grounded ingredients, it ensures our formula's to be delicious, extraordinary and unlike any other. 

Types of Mushrooms


Our mushrooms are Top Notch. We always use the mushrooms' fruiting bodies which contain 15x more active ingredients than the mycelium! Plus all our products are made in Canada!

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Fuel Your 

Mind & Body

Our approach to nutrition prioritizes holistic wellness from focus, mood to energy. Your mind and body will really feel what better feels like.

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