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Balance & Defend Ground coffee

Unleash your inner zen

A smooth, medium brew, and enjoy a crash-free experience. We've paired premium coffee with two unbelievably balancing ingredients:  Ashwagandha and Chaga to give you a boost of energy while supporting everyday stress with every delicious sip.

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Coffee with Added Benefits.

Looking for a brew that's 'shrooming with benefits? With a natural energy boost and stress-reducing properties, this coffee will have you feeling like a 'fungi' in no time. Sip, savor, and let the 'shroom magic do its thing!

Balance Your Mind & Body.

Stressed? Don't be a hot mess, try Ashwagandha and feel your best! This adaptogenic herb is a natural stress-buster, helping you find your Zen and feel less flustered. So relax, take a breath, and let Ashwagandha do the rest!

Immune Support with Chaga.

Get ready to 'chaga' your way to better health! Our Mushroom Coffee with chaga packs a punch of antioxidants and immune-boosting properties, helping you defend against the daily grind. Sip, savor, and feel the power of the 'shroom - one cup at a time!

Brew to Your Perfection.

Perfect for pour-over, French press, drip coffee and espresso machines. 

Ground Coffee with Ashwagandha & Chaga.

We love a regular cup of joe, but it has its downsides. We combined the king of Ayurvedic herbs and Chaga mushrooms to deliver a "magical" mushroom coffee experience. This combination combats stress and fatigue while also boosting immune function.