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blue lavender  Latte

your NEW bedtime ritual to help you unwind.

PureShrooms Blue Lavender Latte is a warm and soothing latte. This latte carries subtle notes of sweetness and coconut paired with an aromatic floral taste of lavender. 

From: $27.99

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Blue Lavender Front.png

Blue Lavender Latte with Melatonin, Turkey Tail + Lion's Mane.

Your New Night Time Routine.

Formulated to soothe inflammation, and support your body's natural sleep cycle and digestive system. We’ve specifically selected ingredients that help your mind and body repair overnight and help you relax and be calm.

Make a Vibrant Blue Latte.

Organic blue spirulina gives this latte a vibrant blue hue which makes it look spectacular! Don’t let the good looks of our latte fool you, blue spirulina is a nutrient powerhouse - rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Make a delicious latte or add this blend to smoothies, oatmeal, baking, and anything, really.

Let Turkey Tail +  Lion's Man do its Magic Overnight.

Packed with potential health benefits that'll have you feeling like a fun-gi in no time! From immune support to brain health, these powerful 'shrooms are the ultimate tag-team duo. 


Please note that this blend is made with micro-ground ingredients and is not water-soluble so they aren’t meant to fully dissolve.