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Perfect 10 Ground coffee

Get 10 mushrooms in 

one pouch.


Meet the newest arrival. The Perfect 10 is a ten mushroom powerhouse ground coffee blend, it's a smooth, medium brew, and enjoy a crash-free experience. 

From: $27.99

*Packaging may vary

The Perfect 10 in 1 Mushroom Ground Coffee.

The Magic of Mushrooms for Your Well-being.

Our secret blend of organic 'shrooms is like a superhero team for your mind and body. So go ahead, raise a cup to elevated energy, sharper focus, and a boost for your mind and body!

Unleash Your Inner Power!

Packed with immune-boosting and cognitive-enhancing mushrooms, this brew will have you feeling like a true champion. So don't just settle for any old cup of coffee - make every sip a super sip and conquer your day with ease!

Mushroom Magic: King Trumpet, Agaricus Blazei, Willow Bracket.

King trumpet, Agaricus blazei, Willow bracket pack a nutritious punch! Fiber, protein, B vitamins, minerals, immune-boosting, blood sugar & cholesterol support. Upgrade your coffee with these mighty mushrooms.

Brew to Your Perfection.

Perfect for pour-over, French press, or drip coffee machines. 

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