INSTANT MUSHROOM COFFEE - Blended with premium, organic Arabica Beans and Organic Chaga and Cordyceps mushroom extract/powder. Coffee & mushroom extracts grounded 10 times finer and easy to mix. Features natural and organic ingredients that are vegan, paleo friendly, KETO friendly, dairy free and gluten-free.


ELEVATE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS WITHOUT JITTERS OR CRASHES – Adaptogens help your body to balance and fight occasional stress. By combining 2 of the most researched mycological species, PureShrooms deliver an organic coffee formula unlike any other: Enhance immune function, natural energy and well-being. Works great as a pre-workout or if you’re looking to increase energy levels. There isn’t another coffee product on the market that delivers like this.


TASTES LIKE COFFEE - A high-quality mushroom coffee that will exceed any expectations you have for instant mushroom coffee. Ready to drink in 7 OZ of hot water; add a splash of coconut milk, almond cream, raw dairy, or whisk a chunk of butter to make it even more soothing.


600 mg of 100% USDA Cert. Organic mushroom extract powder per serving. Caffeine 45 mg per serving (half the amount versus normal coffee). Easy to adjust to taste so you can experiment and customize to your perfect cup.


CHAGA MUSHROOM EXTRACTS - Recognized for their immune function supporting properties, these mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years. Our wildcrafted Chaga mushroom extract is made by extracting the wood-grown fruiting bodies, and then spray-drying the concentrate.


CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACTS - Studied for its energy and endurance supporting properties, our Cordyceps elixir is made by extracting the fruiting bodies of the Cordyceps sinensis mushroom. (We don’t use the infamous Cordyceps derived from caterpillars in our production methods, and our product is suitable for vegans.)



Energize with Cordyceps & Chaga - Performance, Natural Energy & Immune Booster

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  • 50 Servings , 100 Grams.

    600 mg of Dual-extracted Mushrooms per Serving.

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