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Fans rave about mushroom coffee, tout its taste and health benefits

By Kimberly Perez Ohio PUBLISHED 1:13 AM ET Nov. 19, 2023, Reposted Nov 21, 2023

CLEVELAND — Susanne Hamblin is a big-time coffee drinker.

What You Need To Know

  • Fans are raving about mushroom coffee, touting its taste and health benefits

  • Mushrooms contain antioxidants and can be considered a superfood

  • One enthusiast claims better mental clarity after mushroom vs regular coffee

Susanne Hamblin is a big-time coffee drinker.

“I’ve been a heavy coffee drinker for 25-30 years now,” Hamblin said. But with all those cups came with a high tolerance, and she said the caffeine just doesn’t work like it used to. “Two, three cups of coffee — I feel like I haven’t had any,” she said.

So, a few years ago, Hamblin decided to try something new.

“It’s amazing! It gives me the mental zing that I’m looking for,” she said. Hamblin is a fan of mushroom coffee. She said she’s better able to focus and has fewer racing thoughts as she’s rushing out the door each morning.

Hamblin isn’t the only fan. Mushroom coffee enthusiasts have been popping up all over social media, raving about the taste and touting its health benefits.

“Mushrooms have long been known to provide health benefits,” said Beth Czerwony, dietician at Cleveland Clinic. Mushrooms themselves do have some health properties like antioxidants, so it could be considered a superfood.”

Czerwony said mushroom coffee is part of a recent trend, but doesn’t see any harm in it. “People, a lot of times, if they have health conditions (they’re) looking for alternatives in food instead of not necessarily having to take as much medication,” Czerwony said.

As for the classic coffee drinkers and possible naysayers, Hamblin said she just adds a little creamer and makes it just like she would a regular cup of coffee,” Hamblin said. “It’s delicious!” she said.

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